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Workshops with THIS™: Why They're My Foodie Crush!

Wellbeing Workshop using watercolours for THIS Company
THIS Wellbeing Workshop

Let's talk about my favourite food brand – THIS™. Seriously, these guys are more than just plant-based goodness, their products take meat alternatives t the next level and their marketing is absolutely brilliant. But I'm not here to talk to you about a food company, I'm here to show you how this company aligns with ArtistAnd in such a powerful way and how other companies can follow suit!

Let's look at why I love working with THIS so much.

1. Laugh-Inducing Marketing Magic

THIS™ doesn't just sell food; they throw a party with every product. Their ads are hilarious and the sort of banter I'd have with my mates. Meme culture is at it's finest when you see a memo for This. In a world drowning in ads, they somehow make you snort-laugh and remember them. It's not just about the grub; it's the whole experience they serve up.

THIS Branding Fun - Meme - Be Your True Shelf
Be Your True Shelf

2. Plant-Based Royalty

I always wonder through the plant-based aisle, and THIS™ is undefeated. Their stuff isn't just a replacement; it's a full-on upgrade. The taste, the quality – it's like a flavor explosion. Even if you're not on the vegan train, you'll be waving at it after trying THIS™.

3. Workplace Vibes on Point

Beyond the eats, THIS™ takes care of its staff like no office I've seen before. I got to work with them during the 2020 lockdown, and it was like joining a bunch of friends all with a goal to work hard and make the brand incredible. Their energy is all about positive work and supporting each other. I've seen the team grow from 15 to 60 in just 3 years and what an achievement for any company!

Art workshop 3 years down the line with This
THIS - 2020 Vs 2023

In 2020, when we were all locked indoors, I messaged someone from the team on LinkedIn and they actally said YES! I was so excited because I recognised the brand from the supermarket and then I got to work with them. I felt like I was meeting a celebrity.

That first workshop was off the charts. We were all in, cracking up with laughter, drawing brilliant pics of our life model and everyone feeling lighter in a havy time in all of our lives. In all the chaos for that first year of lockdown, AritstAnd THIS™ made me realize how important my job was and how strong the benefits were for people's wellbeing.

Fast forward three years, and I was back back, hosting a festive watercolour gig for them. This time, in person! Amazingly there were a few faces who had come to my first workshop and it was so lovely to see the retention in the team.

Watercolour workshop student
Watercolour Workshop Student

What struck me the most was how much the team were interacting with each other. Everyone was talking, laughing, some were having some deep conversations. The trust and connections were so clearly there and it's not something you see often in office spaces.

I got asking about all the stuff they did as a team and there were so many lovely initiatives for the team and you can see why they are doing so well as a company.

Big thanks to THIS™ for working with ArtistAnd again and I can't wait to see how they grow in the future :).

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