ArtistAnd Oil Paintings

Painting traditional portraiture oil paintings for brands and business

Using old-aged techniques with traditional oil paintings, we craft, draft, and produce masterpieces for your brand, your video production, and much more!  If you have an idea and want to make it that little bit more special, commission ArtistAnd to make your creation come to life with a timeless painting.

Below, you will see just a few examples of the major companies' collaborations using traditional painting methods and styles.

Mona Lisa Dominos Pizza oil painting

Master Pizzas

How better to promote Masters pizza’s than seamlessly homaging pizza into masters paintings with these traditional portrait painting.

Lady with an Ermine oil painting

Lady with an Ermine

See how we connected Kombucha with Da Vinci's painting of Girl with a Feret

Xero Master of Accountance oil painting

Master of Accountance

Taking technology back to the 1500’s through classical painting and technological comparison.

Great Thunberg oil painting


How does public health impact the environment? Can we benefit from witnessing the much-needed rest of carbon emissions?

The Grand Tour oil painting


Combining discovery and adventure through travel, this collaboration brought together significant explorers from the past to now.