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Corporate Art Class. Team Building Painting Workshop

Corporate Art Classes & Team Building Workshops

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Learn How To Be Creative At Work

" One Of The Best Team Building Events In London " 

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Team Building

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Regular Corporate Art Classes_edited_edi


Pencil, Pastel, Watercolour Or Acrylic

Choose from team building, wellbeing or weekly art workshops

Choose an art classes for your next team building day and bring amazing benefits for team. By encouraging your company to use their creativity in a relaxed and fun setting, it can promote innovation and out-side-the-box thinking. Our art workshops encourage anyone taking part to step outside their routine, explore new perspectives, and ideas in ways they might not have imagined. At our corporate events for team building, we provide all the materials needed for a fun and enjoyable painting class experience at your venue. 

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What's Included in the corporate art classes and workshops?


  • Materials: Paints, pencils, canvas, paper etc

  • Instruction: A professional artist to show you the ropes.

  • PPE: Tableclothes, aprons, drawing boards

  • Artworks: 1-2 amazing artworks that you'll be so proud of

  • No Hidden Fees: All travel is included in the price.

Team Building Activty
Mindfullness Art Workshops

98% of our clients say drawing makes them feel less stressed.


I enjoy working with China to organize this session and I’m really pleased with the outcome. If you’re keen to try something creative out of your comfort zone, sign up for one of her classes!


The drawings were pitched perfectly for anyone to complete. We had a good laugh along the way and would definitely recommend China and ArtistAnd to any individual, group or team looking to get creative!

Isis, Gallup

takeda Workshop

I highly recommend considering China and her team when planning a team workshop.China recently hosted a corporate drawing and painting session for my team of 45 people and she was amazing!

1. Who can participate in these workshops?

Our corporate art workshops are designed for employees of all skill levels. They are ideal for teams, departments, or entire organizations looking to strengthen their bonds and enhance their problem-solving skills and performances through art.

2. What types of art activities are included in the corporate team building days?


Our corporate art classes and workshops range from pencil drawing, watercolour, pastel and acrylic painting. The activities can be customized to suit your team's interests, goals, timeframes or we can take the lead and design one that we think would suit your team.

3. How long do the art workshops typically last?

Typically people book these workshops from 1 - 2 hours but if you're looking for longer just let us know.

4. What materials are provided?


We provide all the necessary art supplies, including, paints, brushes, drawing materials, as well as PPE to protect the office from any mess! 

5. Do participants need prior art or painting experience?


No prior art experience is required. Our corporate painting classes are designed to be inclusive and enjoyable for individuals of all skill levels, from beginners to more advanced artists. Our experienced instructors will guide participants every step of the way proving everyone is creative.

6. Where are the corporate team building events held?


Art workshops can be held at your company's location, at an offsite venue that you've organised, or even virtually through video conferencing platforms. We'll work with you to choose the most convenient and comfortable location for your team.

7. Can corporate painting classes be tailored to specific team building goals or themes?


Absolutely! We offer customization options to align the workshop content with your team's goals, values, or specific themes you'd like to explore. Whether you want to focus on leadership development, creativity, or team cohesion, we can adapt the workshop accordingly.

8. How do I book a corporate art workshop for my team?


To book a corporate event for team building, simply contact our team in London through our website form or get in touch via email. We'll discuss your objectives, preferences, and schedule to create a tailored workshop that meets your needs.

9. What are the benefits of participating in a corporate art workshop?


Corporate art workshops offer numerous benefits, including improved teamwork, enhanced creativity, stress reduction, and increased employee satisfaction. These relaxing team building days provide a unique and enjoyable way for your team to connect and collaborate while exploring their creative potential.

Team Buildimg Workshop Ideas

Let's get creative

If you have any more questions or would like to inquire about booking a corporate art workshop, please feel free to reach out to us. We're here to help you create a memorable and transformative team-building experience through art. Based in London, we offer corporate art classes within that region, and online options to join wherever you are in the UK

Team Building Drawing Workshop
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