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About ArtistAnd


About ArtistAnd

ArtistAnd was founded in 2019 after years in the art industry, hearing how people were scared about art and how they didn't understand it.

Being an artist myself, and knowing firsthand the wellbeing benefits of practising it, I know how important art is for society and also, how everyone has the potential to learn how to draw!

ArtistAnd survived lockdown improved people's lives through community and creativity and is continuing to grow and make art as accessible as possible. Come and join online, in person or on your own time.

China Jordan

Originally from Grimsby, I studied Fine Art: Painting at Wimbledon and I'm now a successful commissioned Artist and tutor. I've studied with various grandmasters and now I'm successful at copying anything using pencil, oil paint, watercolour and pastel.


I specialise in classical realism and portraiture and now teach in various locations as well as online. My previous roles include managing prestigious art galleries in Mayfair and overseeing the installation of artwork across the globe. Now, it's my mission to focus on using Art for improving wellbeings outside of the Gallery environment.


With a proven strong connection between mental wellbeing and art, there is no better time to make this art form as accessible as possible.

China Jordan - Founder ArtistAnd

"An artisan is a skilled craft worker who makes or creates material objects partly or entirely by hand."

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