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ArtistAnd Dominos

Dominos & ArtistAnd - Oil Painting Commission - Master Pizzas



How better to promote Masters pizza’s than seamlessly homaging pizza into masters paintings with these traditional portrait painting

China Jordan - ArtistAnd - Dominos - Mona Lisa Eating Pizza

We were approached by Dominos to paint a series of iconic renaissance replicas that were altered to focus on the new product launch - Master PIzzas. 


The Mona Lisa was painted in classical Renaissance style, using the same techniques as old masters of the time; being a full oil painting, painted as though she was eating a slice of Pizza.


The other 4 paintings were edited in acrylic which allowed us to paint on top of prints and add additional narratives, allowing us to create a lot more work within the time allowed and budget. For example, the hand of God shows the saint handing pizza over to God, the boy with basket shows the model carrying ingredients that would be found on the Pizzas.

ArtistAnd - Domino's Master Pizza


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