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Art Retreats

Day & Weekend Retreats

Day Retreats 2024

Explore Botanicals Through
Art & Taste

Sunday 26th May

10am - 5pm

£95 Early Bird Ticket

Botanical Paintings

Weekend Retreats 2024

Learn To Draw Like Bargue
3 Day Drawing Course

Friday 20th - 22nd Sept

£250 Early Bird

Bargue Darwing Course

Past Retreats

Want to see how our previous retreats have gone? Check out what fun we've had over the past few years!

Portrait Retreat

Portrait & Meditate Retreat

Our first retreat was such a huge success! We gathered in a beautiful location in Norfolk with a pool, fire pits and cosy dinners. Our guests learnt how to draw amazing portraits and came away with new friends.

Public Art Classes.jpeg

Watercolours Retreat

In 2022 We launched our first watercolour retreat and got inspired by the outdoors. With meditation walks, and a private mansion all to ourselves, we felt like royalty. 

Watercolours & Wellness

Portrait Retreat

Our most recent retreat took us back to portraits, helping our guests to refine their drawing skills and create beautiful portraits. With so much extra time, our guests learnt how to add details like never before.

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