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What Do We Do?

Great Question

In a nutshell

We paint traditional oil paintings for products, branding and TV collaborations.


We also deliver drawing workshops for team building and mindful exercise within the workplace.

Drawing Workshops


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Enjoy original oil paintings as a part of a brand collaboration, product launch or maybe a painting for a new TV show?

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What came first, the drawing or the painting? Well it doesn't matter, for us we can do both!  If you can't afford a painting why not enquire about our pencil work?

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We love making art accessible for all levels of ability. Our workshops are perfect for wellbeing in the workplace or even just a fun ice breaker. Get in touch and lets see what we can do.

We are a London based creative company bringing art back to the people. We are here to improving creative ideas, bring significance to your brand, paint portraits for your films, and engage your staff in all things art. Removing the archaic stigma of traditional oil paintings, we collaborate with businesses and brands to push for inclusivity, increase engagement, and develop ideas for your products, brands, and employees. We help brief, produce, and create classical oil painting for your company to showcase and fossilise in a moment in time.

We don't just produce paintings and drawings for other people, we also want other people to get involved too! We believe that art is enriching, engaging and the best exercise for a healthy mind. If your company could benefit from theraputic lunch breaks or afternoon drink & draw as well as deliver unique drawing workshops for your staff to enjoy. We remove the stigma of traditional Artwork and collaborate with other companies to offer an alternative, innovative solution to solve your creative problem.

What can we paint for you?

ArtistAnd focuses on exploring the creative potential in every business, making sure that Art is engaging and inclusive to the mass. Our products are formed using traditional training methods that the likes of Michelangelo, Caravaggio, and Rembrandt would have used. We use these methods to give you the purest form of painting and ensure that our collaboration will last a lifetime. Our talents stem from a lineage of painting masters dating back to the renaissance period.


ArtistAnd have the ability to deliver realistic paintings and drawing with quick turn arounds and affordable prices. We like to think that we can create a masterpieces for your product or brand, that will encapsulate everything your work is about. We mix together the yee old traditional element of painting and drawing and combine them with modern concepts and creations. Having painted for the likes of Dominos, Xero, and Amazon, you can rest assured that ArtistAnd can find the Art in you. 


With our quick turn around times, we bring Art to the people without the barriers and restrictions of a white-walled gallery. But please don't think that this means the standards are less! No. It just means the Art is more accessible and less precious.


If you want to chat any further, pop me an email to to find out what we can do for you. (China, not the country)





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