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Original, affordable, oil paintings for brand collaboration, product launch painting for film & TV.

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We think everyone should and can learn to draw. We have created special drawing kits and video demonstrations to help art be accessible for everyone.

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Our drawing workshops are perfect for groups both professional and casual. We offer

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What Do We Do?

Great Question

In a nutshell

We are ArtistAnd and we bring creativity, into the workplace. 


From engaging drawing workshops, to oil paintings for the office, we bring art back to people.

Drawing Workshops


Hello, welcome to ArtistAnd.

We help people who crave for more creativity in their lives within work, and at home. We help you to see that you don't have to be an expert to enjoy art. Often people come to us explaining that they know nothing about art, they cannot draw, and they have no idea how to interpret paintings. We know how it feels to be deprived of creativity, and how it can affect our moods by lifting our spirits when we are surrounded by it, and leaving us feel stifled when there is lack of it. You may feel like it has been so long since you had an art lesson at school, you are in out of touch with your own creativity and so that's when you just need some help.

ArtistAnd provide experiences so your employees and your audiences get to grips with what it feels like to be creative. They have an opportunity to play with creativity without the pressure of feeling like they need to perform. They can enjoy our traditional oil paintings, or you can organise a drawing workshop to get our hands and our eyes engaging in an immersive experience.

Now I know what you are thinking - "how can art improve my work or my team"? By engaging with your creative side, you are allowing your team, your audience, and yourself to improve their creative thinking, to gain mindful perspective, and the remember what it feels like to use their hands again. 

So it's time to get your hands dirty, get your aprons on and find the art in your business.

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Lihn-Chi - THIS

SO MUCH FUN! China led a really engaging workshop for our team and everyone had a lot of laughs and fun! It was great as a team activity and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to any other companies or groups of friends!


Great virtual activity for the team! China was fun, friendly and ensured the session flowed smoothly. She asked people questions throughout to ensure everyone was involved and created an open space for people to speak and have a laugh. Everyone was full of praise after the session - Thank you!


Alina - Private Client

I’ve never had such a talented teacher like China! She is very open and knowledgeable in every aspect of art. Her classes are great and its magic how much I have learned and done in a very limited time. Now I’m really looking forward to many more happy hours of an Art tutor lessons:)

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