Team Building

The Perfect Activity For Team Building In The Office

Are you looking for new activities to do with your colleagues? Send an enquiry today and see what type of workshop we can offer you. The bet thing is - you don't even have to leave you office! (Or maybe you do want to leave the office, in which case, let's chat some more and see what we can do).

What Are The Benefits?

  • A whole hour of fun, engaging and creative drawing activity

  • Affordable for small businesses too and achievable for all levels of ability

  • Improved moral

  • Increase confidence levels

  • Encourages creativity and solution thinking

What To Expect...

We have an array of lesson types for this class, for example:


* Portraiture

* Still life

* Life drawing 

* Perspective 


Materials are all included (pencil drawings)

1 hour of drawing exercises


Warm Up

Brief entrance description on the subject matter of your choice



Simple exercise to get you to practise what you have learned


Pièce de résistance

Choose a final image of person to end the session on

The Results

Your participants will come away feeling refreshed and with a whole new sense of achievement. This workshop is designed to take away the mind wondering and stressful exposure to everyday life using drawing and creativity to let go and express yourself. Using drawing as a team building activity allows fora great boost in moral as well as walking away with masterpieces created by the staff.