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Watercolour painting classes

Watercolour workshops to help your group improve their wellbeing and create something they are really proud of

Chelsea FC Drawing Workshop - Team Building Activity

Create Something Amazing

Learn A New Way To Improve Wellbeing & Connection

Watercolour Art Workshop

Watercolours are one of the most relaxing activities you can try. Our sessions are designed to help beginners learn a new skill, bond with one another, and create artwork they are so proud of, that they may even stick it to the fridge.

Our workshops last 1.5 hours and you can choose from an array of paintings. From sunsets and landscapes, to botanical or still life.

Watercolour Plant Painting

£45 PP 

Minimum 10 Guests

This is a mobile art service. We will provide all of the art supplies, you just need the tables & chairs. If you don't have a venue, we can host a class online or maybe you can chat to a nice pub you know and say everyone will buy a drink? :)

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