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The Dry Stuff

Learn To Draw The Old School Way

Improve wellbeing in the workplace and help people achieve something they never thought possible. Choose from either a mindful calming session or a fun team building version. Better still, choose both!

Drawing Workshop Group


Explore how drawing can develop mindful practise in your workplace.

Team Building



Use fun and creative techniques to get your team connected and engaged.

Through collective drawing, we get to know one another deeper through creative exploration.

Available in a virtual setting as well as in real life.

What To Expect

Qualified Artist Instructor


Traditional Techniques


Suitable For Beginners




Affordable Prices
Online Or In Person

Wellbeing & Art - ArtistAnd
Drawing Workshop.

How Much

Online: £200 For 10 PPL

£15 PP After

In Person (London): £250 For 10 PPL

£20PP After


In Person


SO MUCH FUN! China led a really engaging workshop for our team and everyone had a lot of laughs and fun! It was great as a team activity and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to any other companies or groups of friends!

—  Lihn-Chi, THIS

Team Building Drawing Exercise
Corporate Drawing Activity - Team Building Workshop

Workshop Examples

-  Drink & Draw - 

- Team Building Activity - 

- Life Drawing - 

- Mindful Practise - 

- Educational Series - 

Team Building Activity

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