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Trying New Art Projects

I'm trying a new art project for an event idea and here's how it's going so far...

A lot of frustration, some self-doubt, lots of wasted paper and trials and eventually a result I think is ready to run to market!

China Jordan Art Project - Portrait Artist For Events
Trying A New Art Project

It's never easy starting something new. The concept may feel great, but in reality, there are always way too many logistics to think about that it makes you doubt whether you want to continue or not.

For this project, I was inspired by a magician. How do art and magic connect you ask? Well, I watched a man walk around the room at an event and he made everyone smile and laugh and kept them entertained. When he left everyone was talking about him and remembered what a fantastic event it was. Strangely enough, I then came across a caricature artist at another event and it basically did the same thing only this time, people were able to take a token home with them (whether they agreed with the results or not) and it was an amazing way to bring people together.

This got me thinking, Wouldn't it be fun to have a more accurate and somewhat talented artist at an event where you can actually see yourself in the drawing and not feel bad about your excessive teeth that the artist has drawn or your bulbous cheeks? Why not have a drawing you feel quite pleased with?

So - I wracked my brain and decided to try it, can I draw a portrait in just a few minutes and how can I package it to make it look special?

Drawing Portraits For Events
Drawing Challenge - First Attempt

I'm gonna be a bit vulnerable with you here - here's my first drawing. It took 2 minutes and yes it looks like a face, but it doesn't look like her face. My first attempt was a real flop let's face it. This is not worthy of any event.

So, I tried again...

speed portrait challenge
Drawing Challenge - 2nd Attempt

and again...

Speed portrait drawing challenge trial
Drawing Challenge - 3rd Attempt

and again...

Speed portrait drawing challenge trial
Drawing Challenge - 5th Attempt

and finally...

Drawing challenge speed portrait
Drawing Challenge - Final Attempt

Something I'm happy with!

I'm not gonna lie, It was actually way more than 6 attempts, numerous types of paper, and pencils, and eventually, we came to this.

I realised that I didn't have to be perfect. I didn't have to draw all of the details. I just needed to capture their expression because that's who they are. Not their hair, their face shape, their neck. Just the centre.

So - Now I've practised, practised, practised - I'm ready to go out trial.

Wish me luck and let's see what the trial brings us and if/ how the service develops.

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