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Post Mental Health Awareness Week And How To Continue Looking After Yourself

It's been a few days since Mental Health Week, a time dedicated to raising awareness and fostering well-being for individuals around the globe. When it comes to caring for our mental health, it's important to find activities that bring joy, inspire creativity, and offer a much-needed respite from the stresses of daily life. But how do we incorporate more mindfulness in our every day lives when the worlds awareness moves onto another topic?

Hopefully wherever you work, your company decided to look after you in whatever way they could. Be it an hour of you time, a social activity, or acknowledging all the good things that's been achieved that year? Most importantly, did you sit back and look at your own habits and think, 'I really needed that. What can I to improve my own mental health moving forward?'

Now, maybe I'm biased, maybe I'm stuck in my creative ways, but I think drawing realistically is really good for you. The sense of achievement is out of this world and the journey can take you as far or as close as you want to go. I'm going to explore the 6 ways you can continue your creative journey regardless of skill level, experience, or preference in style.

  1. Making It A Daily Routine

  2. Exploring New Mediums

  3. Joining Creative Communities

  4. Art As Therapy

  5. Art & Mindfulness

  6. Art As Expression

  1. Art as a Daily Ritual: Embrace art as a daily ritual in your life. Carve out a few minutes each day to engage in a creative activity that brings you joy. Whether it's sketching, doodling, or writing in your art journal, dedicating regular time to art can help you unwind, find solace, and tap into your inner creativity. Treat it as a sacred space where you can freely express yourself without judgment or expectations.

  2. Exploring New Mediums: Keep the momentum going by exploring new artistic mediums. Step outside your comfort zone and try your hand at different art forms, such as pottery, digital art, or photography. Venturing into new territories stimulates your mind, keeps the journey fresh, and opens doors to unexplored avenues of self-expression. Remember, it's not about mastery but the joy of exploration.

  3. Join Creative Communities: Connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for art and mental well-being. Seek out local art groups (like ArtistAnd), join online communities (like ArtistAnd), or participate in workshops and classes (with AritstAnd). Sharing experiences, exchanging ideas, and receiving support from others can enhance your artistic journey and provide a sense of belonging. Together, you can inspire and uplift each other, creating a positive space for growth.

  4. Art Therapy Resources: Explore the vast array of art therapy resources available to continue nurturing your mental health. Look for books, websites, and apps that offer guidance and inspiration for incorporating art into your self-care routine. These resources often provide prompts, techniques, and exercises designed to encourage self-reflection, mindfulness, and emotional healing through art.

  5. Art and Mindfulness: Combine art with mindfulness practices to deepen your connection to the present moment. Engage in mindful art sessions where you focus your attention on the process of creating rather than the end result. Notice the texture of the materials, the brushstrokes, or the sensations as you sculpt. By immersing yourself fully in the artistic experience, you can cultivate a sense of calm, grounding, and self-awareness.

  6. Art as Self-Expression: Use art as a powerful tool for self-expression and emotional release. Allow your art to speak for you when words fall short. Explore themes, colors, and symbols that resonate with your emotions and experiences. Give yourself permission to express the full range of your feelings, whether it's joy, sadness, anger, or hope. Embrace the healing power of art as a means to process and communicate your inner world.

Mental Health Awareness Week might have ended, but your mental health journey continues. By incorporating art into your daily life and exploring new avenues of creative expression, you can nurture your well-being and promote self-care. Remember, there are no rules or limitations when it comes to art—let it be your sanctuary for self-discovery, healing, and personal growth. Embrace the transformative power of art and continue your mental health journey with renewed passion and curiosity.

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