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Skip buying the whole pack of pencils when you can get all the shades you need with just these 3 pencils!


2H - Hard lead, lightest shade.

Used for refining and fine detail.

Bad for drawing outlines and scaring paper.


2B - Softer lead, medium is shade.

Used for outlines and shading lighter values.

Bad for dark values.


8B - Softest lead, darkest shade.

Used for dark shading and softer textures.

Bad for smudging and fine detail.


Shading is all about getting a range of values so the contrast is high. These 3 pencils cover all of them. Practise your value scale using each of these pencils and you can see for yourself what they all do!

Pencil Set - 2H, 2B, 8B

  • The return policy lasts for 30 days and pencils can be returned if they have not been used. The cost of return will be at the buyers expense. 


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