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Speed Portraits

Have Your Portrait's Drawn At Your Event

Corporate Events

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Wellbeing Week

 Celebrations & Weddings

Hire our professional portrait artist services to create beautiful portraits at your event. Have something different to get your guests talking and walking away with something special. It's the perfect blend of entertainment and heartwarming art that'll leave everyone with a smile.

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Corporate Events

Got a Christmas party coming up or maybe an awards night and you want to bring something completely unique to the party? This is a great perfect paring for a few moments of calm at your event.

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Wellbeing Week's

Got a wellbeing week at work? Send your team over to our wellbeing corner so they can take a minute, sit with us and really be in the moment. Sitting for your portrait can really put you in a calming, thoughtful state and our guests absolutely love it.

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Wedding Hall

 Celebrations & Weddings

Guests love taking home a memory from a special celebration. These speed portraits are a great way to give your guests a moment to remember and a beautiful token to take home with them. Give your guests a token to show them how much you value them.


From £1200 for a 3-hour event.

What Does It Include?

Professional Portrait Artist

* Mounted pictures and envelope

* 5 - 10 minutes per portrait

* Calm space to relax and unwind

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Caricature Art

 Unlike traditional caricature artists, we focus on capturing your unique essence without making you feel insecure about your appearance. Our goal is to create stunning artworks that truly reflect your personality. Whether it's a live event, a wedding, or a corporate gathering, we guarantee to bring joy and entertainment to your guests. With our exceptional skills and attention to detail, we are the perfect choice for adding a touch of creativity to any occasion. Get ready to be amazed!

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