Find your Work/Life Balance with ArtistAnd Mindful Drawing Workshops.

Improve your team's mental wellbeing with traditional drawing classes. Learn how to meditate through doing and get away from the daily grind. Drawing has so many positive qualities that help restore the balance and bring calm back into our systems. 


What Are The Benefits?

  • A whole hour of focused activity

  • Affordable and attainable therapy to continue outside of the workshop

  • Lowers the blood pressure and stress levels

  • Gain new skills and insight into the craft

What To Expect...

We have an array of lesson types for this class, for example:


* Understanding value and building the form

* Perspective drawing exercise from life

* Portraiture constructs

* Line drawing using still life

* Cross-hatching workshop

* Measuring and scaling up or down


Materials are included

1 hour of drawing exercises


Warm Up

Brief entrance description on the subject matter of your choice



Simple exercise to get you to practise what you have learned


Pièce de résistance

Choose an item in the room to draw and practise what you have rehearsed.

The Results

Your participants will come away feeling refreshed and with a whole new sense of achievement. This workshop is designed to take away the mind wondering and stressful exposure to everyday life, and transport it to a place of serenity and calm. Drawing is good for the soul.