Improving Communication

Art is visual, so how can it improve communication?


I know right, we wondered this ourselves. How can Art improve communication? We were commissioned to figure this out and that we did. Art has an infinite scale of potential in everything we do. It feeds our eyes, our brains, and most of all, it stimulates conversation. 


ArtistAnd has developed a workshop that focuses on your team members improving with their communication both as individuals and as a team. 

What Makes it Good for Offices?

Well, it doesn’t involve a lot of materials so that means we can come to you quite easily. Plus, you already have the tables and chairs, great! Saves me a job.

It is inclusive which means absolutely anyone can participate. 

No matter your age, ability or level of interest in art, you can still get something out of it and have a good old laugh at the same time. 

What To Expect...

We have an array of lesson types for this class, for example:


* Understanding value and building the form

* Perspective drawing exercise from life

* Portraiture constructs

* Line drawing using still life

* Cross-hatching workshop

* Measuring and scaling up or down


Materials are included

1 hour of drawing exercises


Warm Up

Brief entrance description on the subject matter of your choice



Simple exercise to get you to practise what you have learned


Pièce de résistance

Choose an item in the room to draw and practise what you have rehearsed.

The Results

  • It is fun and engaging.

  • Everyone can join in! 

  • How long has it been since you picked up a pencil? Ages I bet. (Now is your chance to do it again).