About ArtistAnd

ArtistAnd is a traditional painting company, focused on finding the Art in Every Business. We paint with you in mind.

Well, we have a few ideas. 

Firstly, we paint for business and brands, not galleries. This means that instead of finding an ArtistAnd through a commercial Artspace all you have to do is speak to us! Typically Artists assigned to galleries have lots of paintings to create for exhibitions and huge markups in prices because their gallery will take 40% commission. Crazy, I know. 

Here, we work on commissions and briefs which means we are not juggling a million things at once and our focus is always on improving ideas with unique and interesting projects. We like to get to know our clients and see what they like in order to recommend the best artistic approach. With over 10 years of experience within the Art industry, our experts can recommend, advise and provide preliminary sketches before any contracts are signed. 




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How Much Does It Cost?

What Makes ArtistAnd Different?

ArtistAnd's are trained by the grandmasters of painting in order to create realistic, beautiful traditional paintings. This is unique because just like other natural beauties in the world, this is a dying art and we need to save it. 

We are different because we purely work in collaboration with other companies and we listen to what you need. Our Artistic license is in the application of the paint and you will be blown away by the quality of the work, and not the diversity in creation. We keep to classical methods but we incorporate traditional features and modern twists to make sure that these archaic paintings are current and mesmerizing.

Well, like most bespoke things, the prices vary. 

Here is a rough guide to how the prices are set.




We have a base rate of £1500 for a single portrait on a rough size guide above. But really, we should sit down over a nice brew and discuss all of the options to make sure you are getting exactly what you want, with the budget you have.